Our Artists

There's nothing more rewarding to us than having a fun workshop where we can create products and memories together while protecting the environment.
We are proud of our business partnership and thrilled
to be able to share our designs and creations with you.

We hope they bring happiness to you and your home.

Jillian - Owner & CEO

Jillian has been an active artist for decades and continues to feed her creative spirit with the unique artwork of Which Craft 203. She specializes in Record Bowls, Stash Boxes, and eventually her Vinyl Paintings. She is a professional photographer when she isn't busy running this show.

Eric - Vice President
Resident artist and Creative Consultant, Eric is full of creativity and passion. He specializes in Guitar Shelves with Which Craft 203. His secret super power is his musical talent, specializing in acoustic and electric guitar. 

Janell - Co-Founder & Consultant

An integral part of the foundation of Which Craft 203, Janell is an active part of our company focusing on brainstorming for new methods and materials. If you're lucky, you may see her at our local festivals.