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Available Bottle Cap Brands include, but are not limited to:
- Beers -

Anchor Steam (CA)

Atwater Brewery (MI)

Ballast Point (CA)

Big Boss (NC)

Blue Moon (CO)

Blue Point  (NY)

Breckenridge Brewery (CO)

Brooklyn  (NY)

Budweiser (MO)

Bud Light (MO)

Bud Platinum (MO)

Budweiser Select

Charter Oak (CT)

City Steam (CT)
Coney Island (NY)

Corona (MEXICO)

Corona Light (MEXICO)

Founder’s  (MI)

Guinness (Varieties)

Goose Island ( Varieties) (IL)

Harpoon (VT)

Heineken  (HOLLAND)

Hooker (CT)

Ipswitch Brewery (MA)

Jack’s Abbey  (MA)

Kona (HI)

Left Hand Brewing Company (CO)

Leinenkugel (Varieties) (WI)

Long Trail (VT)

Magic Hat (VT)

Michelob  (MO)

Miller (WI)

Miller Light (WI)

Miller High Life (WI)

New Belgium (NC)

New Castle (HOLLAND)

Otter Creek Brewing Company (VT)

PBR – Pabst Blue Ribbon (CO)

Red’s Apple Ale (WI)

Red Stripe (JAMAICA)

Sam Adams (Varieties) (MA)

Saranac (NY)

Sierra Nevada (CA)

Stony Creek (CT)

Sweetwater Brewing Company (GA)

Thimble Island (CT)

Traveler (VT)

Weed Ale (CT)

Wells (UK)

Yueng Ling (PA)


- Ciders / Malt Beverages - 

Angry Orchard (NY)
Mike’s Hard Lemonade (WA)
Smirnoff Ice (CT)
Spiked Selzter (CT)
Twisted Tea (OH)
Woodchuck (VT)


- Sodas -

Coke (GA)

Foxon Park (CT)

Sprite (GA)